Health Awareness has always been a priority at Mediators In addition to providing corporate communications services to leading MNC's and Pakistani organizations, the company has been conducting awareness campaigns related to social and health issues for the last 32 years MPL healthcare practice is headed by Dr. Samia K. Babar, who has over 28 years’ of experience in creating awareness about health related issues and communications.

She is assisted by qualified team members who are working on healthcare communication programs. This specialized team is assisted by client service managers in Islamabad and Lahore, media relations team, art department and media monitoring team in three cities

Our first six clients were from the Pharma sector:
Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Wyeth, Abbott, Schering, Hoechst & E Merck.

We have worked with the Pharma Bureau to create media support for industry issues like pricing, patents, IPR violations, etc.

We organized the First Health Conference 2009 with the support of the Pharma Bureau . It was attended by the Federal Health Minister, Secretary Health and DG Health besides industry leaders and doctors