The Mediators Conferences (TMC)

As an industry leader today with over a quarter century experience under its belt, Mediators commands an unparalleled position in the public relations business. It is strategically poised to provide a diverse range of public relations and event management services tuned for optimal impact.

At Mediators, our expertise covers the entire spectrum, ranging from a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony to organizing international conferences, road shows and seminars in Pakistan and abroad with the Government of Pakistan. Our events have been attended by dignitaries such as the President and Prime Ministers.

Mediators has dedicated a specialized unit, The Mediators Conferences (TMC). We have organized a number of roundtable conferences in association with Economist Conferences, a subsidiary of The Economist, U.K. TMC offers a one-stop solution for all kinds of corporate events and conferences.

Strategic Ability

TMC works with its clients and co-organizers to develop the concept and working plan of conferences and events.
• TMC makes all arrangements for the conference in consultation with its clients / partners.
• TMC has the ability to develop the conference agenda in consultation with the industry leaders.
• TMC makes all arrangements for the venue of the conference and the required audio-video aids.
• TMC prepares the participants' kit (if required).
• TMC develops a database of the target audience for conference and events.
• TMC develops the invitations for the conference and use all the possible means to attract the target participants.
• TMC together markets the Conference to possible sponsors with the support of its clients partners.
• TMC liaise with speakers and the chairpersons for the conference.
• TMC provides logistic support to the speakers, if required.
• TMC provides all secretariat and venue management support required for the client.
• TMC has the ability to edit design and supervise the printing of all pre and postconference material.
• TMC undertakes all other work pertaining to the organization and management of the event.
• TMC arranges media coverage of the event.
• TMC arranges exclusive interviews of the star speakers.
• TMC is also in a position to use its foreign contacts to arrange for speakers from abroad.